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So the tango begins again

Trump: Crimea was 'taken' by Russia

'We don't return our territories' Russia responds to US call to return Crimea to Ukraine

See, Trump is the perfect bluffer. Don't you ever sit on a poker table with him, ever.

While the US and global progressive community, Apple, Microsoft, Google et al are hurling criticism at him because of his ridiculously arbitrary travel ban, another piece of news went almost unnoticed: he's planning a colossal expansion of the US navy.

The number of warships will increase from 272 to 355. One more carrier will be built, 16 other large war ships, 18 submarines and many more lesser vessels. The purpose is to deploy all of this into the Pacific. Not Russia, not Iran. The Pacific. Russia has one crappy carrier, and Iran has 7 meager U-boats, 3 frigates and 2 corvettes. Getting worked up about those is just bullshit.

No, the real target is China. The Pivot to Asia. Everything beyond that is pure bluffing. Flynn, the Crimea debacle, the NATO funding - all those are just noises in the system. Trump likes to create a chaos and do his thing amidst it. And his thing now is China. But he may've done his calculations wrong. China is not Iraq or Libya. It's where the plan for US dominance will find its grave.

And no, any illusions that he's truly "anti-establishment", are deluded. He's part of the One-Party state that has ruled the US for eternity: the Party of War.
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