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Diary of a B+ Grade Polymath

The Shambling Mound's Third Week

Under the continuing rule of the orange-haired monster, Lord Dampnut, the most important local council in the global village, continues to lurch from one "yuge" problem to the next. Some commentators have finally noticed what is an intrinsic problem regardless of the political decisions themselves; that Lord Dampnut is not used to the idea of running a country which is built the checks and balances of a separation of powers and a rule of law. He is far more familiar with the sort of rule where he makes all the decisions and everyone follows those decisions.

As a result, Lord Dampnut is finding himself in the unenviable position of coming into increasing conflict with the internal legal system, whilst backing off on belligerence towards international powers. The big event of the week of course was the decision of the appeals court to uphold the suspension of the travel ban on selective group of Muslim-majority countries. True to his style, Lord Dampnut angrily treated "SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!". The recursive irony of telling an appeals court that they will be taken to court has not been lost. Yo dawg, I hear you like courts, & etc.

Security, the main excuse for the travel ban, is of course an especially selective issue with Lord Dampnut, as reliable sources suggested that only Islamic fundamentalists will be an issue. Neo-nazi terrorists will not, apparently, be a problem. Well, why should they? After all, people with similar ideologies are now the people in charge of operations.

In further selective choices, Lord Dampnut's nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos was elected to the Senate. Requiring a historic tie-breaker vote, DeVos is a long-standing campaigner against public education (an area in which she has no experience). One fairly suspects that familial connections will encourage an "Amway" education system.

Attracting quite a bit of media attention in the week, was the events following department store Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump's line of clothing items. Lord Dampnut complained using the POTUS twitter account and the following day Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway continued the issue directly promoting Ivanka's items. The Federal ethics rules prohibit executive branch employees from using their positions to endorse products, and complaints have been lodged with the Office of Government Ethics.

We have a word for when business and government interests coincide, don't we?
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