johnny9fingers (johnny9fingers) wrote in talk_politics,

Wow... just wow.

I'm finding it difficult to know where to begin...

After the Donald's unswerving support for Uncle Vlad and his crew, I wonder if just maybe he can introduce a similar "family values" orientated law into America? Nope, that's not the place to start.

Does the Russian Church's support for this bill indicate that it is in favour of physical correction when a wife misbehaves: for example, by not having the Man's food on the table when he gets home?  No not there either.

This seems better:

Are these the actions of a fucking misogynistic bunch of total arseholes, and is this what Russia has come to? And should we, in the West, be doing everything we possibly can to stop this sort of shit from happening anywhere near any of us?

Can we legislate ourselves back into barbarism? Yes we can.
Should we stand by idly while it happens? That's the killer question.
Tags: russia, women's rights
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