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And this is just week 1

So, the Donald has done what in his first days as president? Embarked on a tweet-storm presenting it as "policy", going after the media, intimidating the press, placing a fake-news guru on the security council, dropping joint chiefs of staff...

Also: stripping abortion-supporting organisations from funding, essentially depriving them of their capabilities. Which, by the way, is going to bring all sorts of unintended consequences (including the fact that this exec order is actually going to bring MORE abortions, not fewer):

"Reducing access to family planning services leads to more unplanned pregnancies, more unsafe abortions and more maternal death." (source)

Also: issuing gag orders on federal employees. Which, again, is going to bring unintended consequences, starting with potential challenges in the constitutional court:

"A memo issued at the Department of Health and Human Services on Trump’s first day in office even prohibited federal employees from communicating with Congress. That’s in violation with a host of federal laws, including the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, the letter says." (source)

Also: the (in)famous border wall of course, particularly the notion that Mexico would somehow be made to pay for it through increased tariffs on Mexican imports. Again, unintended consequences:

"American consumers and companies may end up actually paying the tax. ... The tax might not improve the US trade deficit as other countries respond." (source)

Any predictions about the next moves of the otherwise unpredictable rogue president?
Tags: abortion, freedom of speech, legislation, trade, trump
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