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Your space laser are belong to us.

The Orange House. -- Prez Donald has elaborated on his plans to withdraw the sanctions against Russia in an extensive interview with Cosmonaut Pravda.

The new POTUS has confirmed his intention to remove the blockade on the money assets of Putin's pals that his predecessor, Teleprompter-Reader In Chief had imposed since Volodya decided to be a bad kid. However, The Donald has certain conditions for doing that.

"I once followed a link on Twitter that led me to an article in some reputed website, which told the truth about Russia's secret laser that they keep in space. Apparently, it is capable of destroying America and the Islamic State with a single blow. If the Russians give it to us, I will remove the sanctions, and the Russian oligarchs won't have to rely on agents like myself to do their Russian business unimpeded any more".

His other condition for unblocking Russian corporations from dealing with America is if Russia sends some Kozyrev mirrors, Muldashev alloplants and magnetic ointments that Trump could use to replace Obamacare with, once he has repealed it. The American people will be needing some big-ass medical miracle to heal themselves with, after all. Right?

Thus, there's probably less than 4-5 days until the point where America will finally be made great again, and as by extension the world will be brought to a unprecedented peak of its civilizational development.
Tags: nonsense, offtopic, russia, satire, trump
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