Spas (htpcl) wrote in talk_politics,

Well, ain't that a crazy Nativity scene!

I took the crayons the other day, and decorated the office in the only way I can:

I've got to admit, I was inspired by some of these...

Perhaps some explanation is in order.

E.T. playing Jesus
Best father in the universe, Darth Vader playing Joseph
Failed Bulgarian presidential candidate (dubbed 'Mother of the Nation' by our prime minister), Tsetska Tsacheva as Virgin Mary
Batman, as the angel
The all-seeing HAL-9000, as God
Imperial fighters, as a flock of birds
Donald Trump, his fence, and a bag of lies (with a chameleon), as Santa
The three most famous robots, Wall-E, C3PO & R2D2, as the Magi
And for a musical background, a dinosaur playing his harp (according to the Bible, he couldn't have existed).
Tags: cartoon, fun, nonsense, offtopic
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