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open dead thread

A few days late - but I think I know why...

For most folks - reports of their death only happen once, because they're accurate (and you can only die once).

Ol' Fidel was a little different though - his death has been reported at least every two or three years for as long as I can remember - so I understand anyone doubting and shrugging this off. Eventually, one of those reports would be correct though - and it's starting to look like this is the time (I'm assuming this mostly because there is going to be a funeral).

Whether you think it's for better or worse - most agree that Castro's death is only symbolic, and really doesn't affect how things are. Symbols mean things though (literally, that's what they do).

North Korea is going to have a mourning period. Putin called him a reliable friend, but he isn't going to the funeral. Obama, in a pretty tough spot, had a statement that screamed 'a hundred people edited this over a thousand times to insure it pisses off the fewest number of people possible'. Trudeau - well, if you're one of them twitters people, #Trudeaueulogy is good for nine or ten good laughs.

What do you think?
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