Stijn van der Kasteel (mahnmut) wrote in talk_politics,
Stijn van der Kasteel

Fraud Farage's shenanigans

Now that Farage has helped ruin one country in the long run, and has instantaneously stepped away from responsibility, sitten on his couch with a bowl of popcorn and started watching the whole thing unravel with delight from a safe distance, turns out he may've misspend... wait for it... EU money to fund his self-destructive Brexit campaign. GASP at the hypocrisy!

And this is the guy whose entire platform rested upon the notion that immigrants cheat large amounts of money out of the UK by making false claims, such as claiming money for a large number of children but refusing to provide the evidence that they're even parents. It's the same guy who makes huge amounts of expenses for homes in Brussels, claims for utilities, in his turn unable to provide evidence - EU taxpayer money to fund his lavish lifestyle while giving heat to the EU for its excessive spending. And in the same breath he goes out and diverts money from the EU to fund his campaign opposing the EU. If this isn't corruption, then I don't know what is.

But that's not all. Now that Trump has almost-appointed him for his trusted crony ambassador to the US (something no president has ever dared do: select another country's ambassador, WTF!?), the British government is being awfully mean to him by, erm, not making him a unelected bureaucrat. Yeah, you heard me. The thing Farage has based his entire campaign criticizing. Gotta love how his supporters, so fond of calling people 'special snowflakes' or saying things like 'safe space' as though it's intrinsically bad, put up with his constant whining about being victimized. It should take huge amounts of confirmation bias to do that.

And now they're talking about giving Fraud Farage a seat in the Lords!? So that he could misspend even more taxpayer money?

How this odious man ever got to the position he currently holds is beyond me, but then again, that's what everyone said about Hitler back in the day, another racist politician who also tapped into fears and manipulated the system, just like Farage. Sorry for the Godwin here, but it was kind of imminent, wasn't it.

With him and his stormtroopers representing the UK in Europe these last few years, disrupting everything along with rarely if ever voting, it's hardly any wonder Europe can't wait to see the back of the bloody Britons. Yes. Go away already, okay?

The reason Britain will never have the global influence it once enjoyed is not so much because it has voluntarily turned itself into Big Bro's petty little puppy - it's because weasels like Farage are able to manipulate the system -- particularly as there is 1) no genuine opposition, 2) no prosecutors with any balls, and 3) no investigative journalists worth a shit. So congratulations, Britain. You've been a backwater for quite a while anyway, but now you're truly turning into a cesspool. Because you've tolerated weasels for your 'leaders'.
Tags: eu, fraud, right wing, scandal, uk
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