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Monkey see monkey do...

Monkey attack in Libya sparks tribal clashes that kill more than a dozen
Three men turn a pet monkey loose on a schoolgirl, prompting retaliation that escalates into use of tanks and mortars

It's really sad, I knew that "monkey", and to hear of him simply being categorized as the "Monkey" does him a disservice. Sure Bonzo had trouble with authority, but which Monkey does not? Unlike his [Muslim] tribal neighbors Bonzo was bright and articulate, being able to count past ten and fluent in both Arabic and Gibbon, though to be honest both languages sound like they have a common derivative.

Bonzo was a most productive member of his community, in fact too productive unlike his male tribal counterparts - which is the real reason I believe for Bonzo's cruel fate. Good-bye Bonzo, you were far too good for your society! And it's such an advanced society with such an impressive culture, dominated by such a peaceful religion.

I bet the Colonel is currently laughing his ass out down there in the comfy boiling cauldron in Hell.
Tags: africa, islam, nonsense, satire, violence
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