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Why not make a Ministry of Truth and be done with it?

Dear Leader has invited the press to a private rendez-vous in his glass tower, but if you thought the plan was to mend bridges with them, you were wrong. In a Dear Leader style that's becoming the norm, he scolded them for having been mean to him, and singled out some particular guys whom he deems the meanest of the mean:

Of course, information about the contents of those talks only sifted through, thanks to some of those attendees speaking about it anonymously, as the ground rules of their Host Almighty prevented them from openly reporting the very story they were all being part of. Which means that in order to get access, you'll now have to kowtow to the whims of His Eminence.

Whether what we're having here is the makings of a major media war, or this kerfuffle is going to end in hugs and bows to Dear Leader, is yet to be seen. One thing is for sure though: this guy seems to believe he can bend public opinion to his will by co-opting the media (Bush at least did some effort to convince them to follow him into Iraq). Except, he really can't. The look-at-me celeb approach can only take you so far, and it only really works on the lower levels of society. Among the literate, the word always tends to get out eventually, and no man can shackle the word.
Tags: freedom of speech, journalism, propaganda, trump
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