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So much for making America great again

Aaand, the promised Change died within the first week...

Wasn't Trump going to clean up Washington of the establishment? Well, guess what. He's about to hire the most "establishment" guys in his cabinet. Gingrich, LOL? Oh, and some idiots like Palin, Giuliani and his kids. This is gonna be fun.

Now about these deportations. Another made-up Trump number. He figures... Ummmm... 2-3 million sounds good.

Well, here's the deal. First, President Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any other President. Then, there's this really crazy thing called the US Constitution which provides for hearings and due process. So, unless Trump suspends that or dumps massive amounts of money into new immigration courts, the most number who could be deported in a year would be about 400,000. At that rate, 2 million folks would take 5 years to run through. Besides, I'm not sure he has a plan B in case no country accepts to take those deportees (what, parachute them into their country of origin?)

Secondly, does The Donald really think he can provide all the benefits of Obamacare but cheaper? Seriously? I'd suggest the only way to do that, and he'd be a true populist hero, would be to eliminate the health insurance companies, have everyone go on Medicare, and allow the administrator to negotiate and cap pharmaceutical and medical device prices. That'll never happen though, because the money from them flows right into the swamp in Washington where Trump is getting his advisers and transition team. Sooo... bottom line: Business as usual.

And while he's after the insurance companies, could he please go after those Wall Street criminals who are still at large even after causing the 2008 crash? Guess not. He has found some buddies among them too, after all.

So what do we have here. In the first five days since the election, President-elect Trump has announced he will continue the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), deport illegal immigrants (as Obama has been doing for years), and consult with Obama and the Clintons throughout his presidency.

Likely verdict? I'd say Obama's legacy will remain intact.

Oh, and That Wall? Turns out it'll be part fence.
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