nairiporter (nairiporter) wrote in talk_politics,

The clock is ticking...

...And perhaps it's time to speculate a little. Here is an interactive map of the US election. You can click on each state and define who you think would take the votes there. I'd like to hear your prediction about the House election as well. Which will be the tightest races, and which will be a landslide?

As for the presidential one, most analysts (and the polls) suggest it's going to be pretty damn tight. The recent FBI involvement in the election regarding the re-opening of the inquiry into Hillary Clinton's emails, has shifted the momentum into Trumps direction somewhat - and the fact he has stayed away from controversy in the last days before the vote, have helped him too in that respect. Seems like whoever of the two nominees gets into the spotlight, that's always bad news for them, and it's probably better if they stay away and don't say anything at all. But I digress.

Your take on the election outcome, president- and House-wise?
Tags: elections, hypothesis, usa
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