Spas (htpcl) wrote in talk_politics,

Friday WTF. Driving licenses gone crazy.

I got my driver's license renewed the other day, which reminded me... Have you ever wanted to put some idiotic selfie of yours on an official document? People would probably do that in their teen age, but apparently there are those who may've not overcome their crazy years, so they've decided to take a dump on their official ID. We may've heard of that Austrian guy who made a point about PC gone too far by deliberately putting a pasta strainer on his head for his driving license and demanding that he be recognized as a follower of Pastafarianism, a mock religion that purports to be worshiping the Flying Spaghetti Monster. While the folks displayed below may not be having such a politically active reason to look like idiots in their official documents, the very act of making fun with an institution such as personal identity, could send quite a few eyebrows flying.

Tags: fun, nonsense, offtopic
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