Stijn van der Kasteel (mahnmut) wrote in talk_politics,
Stijn van der Kasteel

Je suis Tunisie... but are you?

Did anyone hear of the latest ISIS terror attack in Tunisia? You know, the one in Tunis. Let me fill you in. A bus attack stroke the presidential guard. In the heart of the capital. 12 people are dead. A state of emergency has been declared throughout Tunisia. What... you haven't heard? Doesn't ring a bell at all?

I'm not seeing much outrage. Really, where's the outrage? Where are the spontaneous outbursts of solidarity? The street rallies in the thousands, the prominent politicians and diplomats vowing to punish the perpetrators? The horrific pictures with a dramatic music background on the TV? The live 24/7 worldwide broadcast of the aftermath of the event and the constant news feed on the subsequent investigation?

I'm not seeing any Tunisian flags around the social networks. I wonder why is that?...

Here's one.

Are you not Tunisia? Are you not Lebanon at least? Come on, who's with me? Wait... where are you going!?
Tags: africa, bias, terrorism
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