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Free speech at the point of a gun

First, there was that "clock kid" who's suing his school for $15m after being detained for bringing a homemade clock to class that was mistaken for a bomb. And now there's the expected backlash. Predictable like the tides, Mr O'Reilly...

Armed anti-Muslim protesters stage ‘strange’ protest outside mosque in clock kid’s hometown

It's hard to look at this group of protesters and their supporters and see anything redeeming about them. If some armed group was protesting outside a church during services, these guys would be furious.

Not entirely sure how people praying inside of a private building that they own is them "shoving their beliefs down our throats", but it I guess it wouldn't be a redneck party without at least a few idiots spewing meaningless platitudes.

Like seriously, I'm so sick of Indian food being shoved down my throat. I don't actually ever eat it, and no one's ever forced me to eat it, but there's like two or three Indian restaurants in my town now. I'm sick and tired of the Indianization of my country's dining options. WHY CAN'T THERE ONLY BE THINGS THAT ARE FAMILIAR TO ME IN MY TOWN?! I ONLY LIKE THINGS THAT I LIKE AND FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH!

Seriously. Stunts like this are the reason that everyone who doesn't firmly buy into the far-right mentality already, simply writes off everyone who does. The claim that they aren't bigots, then do shit like this - this smacks of blatant hypocrisy. How are these people any different from the ones who attacked Chinese immigrants in the late 19th century, or the Protestants that marginalized and ridiculed the Catholic Irish immigrants before that?

Cue the "freedom of expression" whiteknights now. I'm sure they'll find half a dozen ways to bullshit the hell out of this.
Tags: islam, texas, xenophobia
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