May 30th, 2017


Nice job, scumbag

Whatever their investment in Trump and monkey-wrenching the 2016 election was, the Russians are certainly getting more than their money's worth.

Now Germany (I repeat: GERMANY) is saying Europe can no longer rely on Trump's America.

If you thought GWB's tenure was the worst that could happen to America's relations with her allies, just take a look at this. 4 months. 4 months and relations with America's allies are as bad as they haven't been since WWII. Worse than ever in most cases. Meanwhile America's adversaries are pleased as punch.

Eventually the EU is likely to band together to oppose the US. And everyone will suffer because of it.

There are no good outcomes for either side at this point. All Americans will suffer because of those who were conned/indulged their hatreds and voted for Trump. Europe will suffer because it'll be weakened. And if Putin believes Russia won't suffer, he's a fool.

4 months.

Ps. Who elected the US "leader of the free world" anyway?