May 18th, 2017


Who and what really won in France?

"Finally, a technocrat. Let's hope he won't blow the chance", a friend reacted to Emmanuel Macron's election in France. Indeed, his victory over the much bigger evil Le Pen seemed like good news, and a breath of fresh air. But is it really? Let's dig a bit deeper into this.

When French journalist Olivier Tonneau of The Guardian described on his blog how he met another French journalist during the presidential election campaign, the latter having dedicated his entire column to bashing JL Melanchon, the leftist candidate, and praising Macron, the candidate of the French oligarchy, Tonneau directly inquired if there was some sort of general plan on part of the mainstream media to push Macron to the 2nd round of the election, thus giving him a certain victory over Le Pen. The response? "What kind of quesiton is that? Of course there is! We have worked on this for a whole year".

Of course, with or without this anecdotal confession, the PR strategy of the ruling class, in combination with a few oligarchs who happen to control 95% of the French media, was pretty apparent. A synthetic political product was created out of nothing, to guarantee the continuation of the neoliberal insanity - not without the help of a unprecedented, totalitarian political media campaign.

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