May 14th, 2017


From isolationism to interventionism

Straight to the monthly topic. See, some have argued that Trump's promises of "America first", and about withdrawing America from most conflicts and letting other countries sort their stuff out on their own, which he so generously gave during his election campaign, were spelling danger for world peace. Some even made the comparison to pre-WW2 time when America had its head buried in the sand, believing that two oceans on both sides were protecting her, this way not allowing the world to recover from the Great Depression, and allowing enough leeway to power-hungry wannabe-empires like Japan and Germany to start aggressive expansion.

But worry not, pro-intervention folks! For the time of Trump's promised withdrawal from the world scene only lasted a couple of months - until he clashed with reality, that is.

Now he has made a full 180 from a supposed foreign-policy realist to just another interventionist neocon.

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