May 10th, 2017


Macron's true battle is just beginning

Centrism could be radical too, and win electoral battles, as it turns out. Emmanuel Macron has shown this with his landslide win over FN frontlady Marine Le Pen on the 2nd round of the French presidential election last weekend. With 2/3 of the vote, Macron became the youngest president in the history of the French Republic (he's 39).

But the hardships only start from here. In order to pass his planned economic, administrative and social reforms, the new president will be needing a solid majority in parliament. The parliamentary election is next month, and Macron's new party En Marche would hardly be able to repeat his landslide victory at the presidential election. The first round of this election showed the serious divide: there's the French left around Melanchon, the traditional conservative Republicans, and then Front Nationale.

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