May 8th, 2017

Sri Yantra

And the French stop the momentum...

Got to love France.

They may have confined the epidemic of stupidity to the Anglo-Saxon nations. Maybe this pressages a tipping point where certain methods of spreading disinformation will no longer be useful to influence the voting public.

Do the panel think that:

1. We have reached the tipping point, and the use of social media in influencing elections will slowly diminish from this high point?


2. It is merely a small oscillation in everyone's ever-increasing reliance on social media. Next time it will be even more important.


3. It's all too chaotic to call. Something new may come along to supplant the way we consume social media which will change the paradigm yet again.

It is my contention that having just been through a period where society has had to adapt to the birth and nasceny of social media, some period of consolidation is required. Now with historical cycles of similarities getting of smaller duration, this period of consolidation may only be a few weeks long rather than the decades required to bed down similar changes in society in historical times. But I do wonder if the tactics of dropping some "information bomb" when it is too late to be checked has reached its sell-by date, and may now actually become counter-productive. So I guess the intel bods in this asymmetrical warfare will have to come up with new tactics, if not a new strategy entirely.

So what do we think will replace this tactic in the war for the hearts and minds of folk in the computer-dependent nations? The long term drip-feed of disinformation looks to be a brilliant tactic. Look at Poor Hillary. Can't convict on financial things or anything else, as she has been very well-advised, so... Child molesting? Pizzas? Pure genius. (Right up until some nutter starts shooting-up the Pizza place. But that's just collateral damage and doesn't really count.)

Any other intersting tactics spring to anyone's mind? Then, as and if they happen, we can play Intel Tactic Bingo as a drinking game. Not of course that the rest of us need an excuse to seek oblivion from the bottle.