April 27th, 2017

The Swallows have won!

The Holy Trinity of disinformation


On April 15, Syria endured one of the deadliest terror attacks on civilians since the start of the war. The target was the Shia villages Al Fua and Kefraya, the last government-controlled enclaves in the Idlib province. The Al Nusra Front has dominated that territory, the main local branch of Al Qaeda. After years of siege by Sunni extremist groups, the Shia population were finally beginning to get evacuated in result of a deal between Assad and the rebels. The civilian convoy leaving the area was attacked by a suicide bomber. 126 people died, including many women and children.

Curiously, the fact that the targets were Shia Muslims was ignored by the media, or in the rare cases when it was covered, it was mostly interpreted as proof that the victims had been "pro-Assad". A label that most mainstream media tend to ascribe negative connotations to. The rebels in Idlib are of course related to Al Nusra and its other local mutations. This group and its associates have a specific interest in attacking Shia Muslims, whom they consider heretics, along with the entire Christian minority in Syria, among other minor groups. This in turn means that the group is pursuing an ideology of genocide - and that somehow also gets omitted by the media. As does the fact that these "rebels" are trying to establish a fascist theocratic regime, fashioned after Saudi Arabia (but much poorer). I should also add that this exclusive social model is meant to only include Wahhabis and extremist Sunnis - which is the exact opposite of the current secular government in Syria, which has allowed a myriad of religious groups to thrive without fear of persecution and fundamentalist violence for decades.

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