April 26th, 2017

Слушам и не вярвам на очите си!
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A betrayed peninsula

There's hardly a leader or politician left in the West Balkans, and "even wider" (as the Macedonians like to say), who's not willing to shout to Brussels: "Give me my European perspective back!" Indeed, there's wide-spread criticism to EU's behavior to our region coming from all countries in the vicinity. What's more, there are also warnings already. Warnings that if the Euro bureaucrats keep turning the other way to the recent events in Europe's so called "powder keg", Europe could soon be served a whole portion of new conflicts, problems, crises, and even hot wars in one form or another.

That's the context we could use for interpreting a short remark from the other day, made to Brussels by Albanian prime minister Edi Rama. The same Edi Rama who's been rumored to be the patron of the so called "Tirana platform", directing three of the ethnic Albanian political parties in Macedonia, which is being used as argument by the Macedonian politicians to resist the temptation of forming a government together with the Albanians. So, Edi Rama said the other day that if the EU doesn't give a clear sign for a European path to Albania, he wouldn't rule out his country uniting with Kosovo.

Tirana and Pristina have craved such an outcome for a while, although their respective politicians have refrained from stating it openly so far. They simply don't need to. The notion is just ingrained in the mind of every Albanian, wherever they were born. But pronounced in this open manner, Rama's threat was inevitably going to, or indeed, perhaps was meant to cause a sharp reaction from Belgrade. Serbia still views Kosovo as part of itself, unilaterally removed from its territory with the support of the international community and mainly the US, who've done this mostly out of geopolitical expedience, rather than sympathy for the big almond eyes of the Albanians (the latter have caused all sorts of trouble in Europe through the years - arms, drugs and human trafficking, and other sort of organized crime).

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