April 18th, 2017


Mrs May, the brutal player

Gee, I'm beginning to like this woman. She knows just when to stomp on her opponents' necks. I think her and old Winston would have gotten along famously.


I suppose she believes the time is right to send Labour into the abyss, now that Corbyn's been doing horrifically at the moment. It seems unthinkable that he'd win, so in a smart PR move, she's hoping to be able to use the inevitable victory to springboard into a full-legitimization mode, and sell the argument that yes, people actually do want her Brexit. Har har...

This looks likely to become the largest conservative majority in modern UK history. Labour could be absolutely crushed in this election. The Tories will get the sort of majority that could take another two elections to reverse, if not more. In the meantime, I expect the Lib Demds would probably surge. Not sure about UKIP, but they seem to have fulfilled their mission and look expendable at this point. All this plays too well into the Tories' hands.

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