April 17th, 2017


Sure! They're all out to get you, you orange snowflake

Donald Trump claims protests demanding he publish tax returns were paid for

Another day, another conspiracy theory spouted by the Douche-In-Chief. He now believes those tax marchers were paid. This belief demonstrates how he just makes stuff up. Also that those marching are his enemies. He believes there is no room for disagreement. Anyone who doesn't agree with him and lick his ass, is an enemy.

That's how Sniffles rolls; Birtherism, 3-5 million illegal voters, Obama wiretap of Trump Tower, paid demonstrators, etc. The Orange Clown floats his steaming piles in the form of a question and leaves it to his sycophants to take it from there.

But fine. Let's play his game. I say someone paid for the alt-right, white supremacist thugs that invaded Berkeley to oppose the tax marchers, so Tangerine Tweetie was partially accurate, just not in the way he intended. Your move, asshole.

That said, there is no reason I can think of why New York state should not release Comissar Drumpovich's state returns for the last 20 years.