March 22nd, 2017


All that Twitter jazz

Twitter psychology re POTUS, from a UCBerkeley cognitive scientist, author @GeorgeLakoff

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All that being nice and all, I think what we are missing here is there is a good chance that Trump is not an aberration and instead a fruit of our time.

(1) An information revolution pushed quickly now by the Internet and recently satellite cable allows the emergence and separation of ideological communities.

(2) Information content is more and more individually tailored. Marketers work to provide content that supports an individual's biases in order to obtain traffic and a positive market context.

(3) The nature of man in confusing conditions prefers authoritarian modes. Humanity's millennia long history gives us religions of simple, unchanging life perspectives (authoritarian conditions), a natural human tendency against the overload and fast evolution of the information revolution. ISIS is not some strange, alien phenomenon. We are ISIS in different shades and hues.

We think that if all those other people would just learn and understand properly that a good portion of the madness being experienced would fade away. Yes, we must beat Trump, but beating Trump will be the easy part. The hard problem is how we are going to deal with a humanity that is becoming progressively out-of-sync with an evolving stability required in our modern time.

Trump's not the problem, he's a symptom of the problem.