March 5th, 2017

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Lord Dampnut's Sixth Week

My goodness, has the orange monster, Lord Dampnut, made through six whole weeks as mayor of the world's most important local council? And what a strange week it was, an ongoing war on the media, Russian connection claims that just will not go away, and big promises in a congressional speech that showed and aversion to facts.

The war on the media went up another notch an initial symbolic refusual to attend the White House Correspondents dinner, and then moved into a hot war with a bizarre decision to exclude some major media outlets from briefings, and a fake news smear. As a result of such leadership by example it now seems that other countries that have a problem with critical media are coming onside as well. Perhaps Spicer should have stuck with his original job as the White House East Bunny.

The Attorney-General, of all people, has stepped aside whilst investigations continue into the fact that he twice met with the Russian ambassador and did not acknowledge this when questioned by Congress. Yes, the Attorney-General lied under oath and has no resigned, and Lord Dampnut expresses "total confidence" in him, and most importantly rejected suggestions that Sessions should recuse himself from an investigation into Trump election campaign advisers and Russian officials. Apropos Kellyanne Conway has been absolved from promoting Ivanka Trump's goods because her actions were without a particular nefarious motive (leaving out the possibility that all her actions have such a motive).

The week concluded with Lord Dampnut making his first speech to Congress with promises of a massive increase to military spending (as if that's needed) and infrastructure (well, that's good). Commentators initially expressed optimism about the speech, although they started to change their opinion once a more careful consideration of the prosiac facts. Still, a shyster must do what a shyster must do and his fans know that.

Oh, and what else? Ending an investigation into airline price transparency (because a free market shouldn't be an informed market, right?), and ordered a review of water regulations, directing the Environmental Protection Agency to review the Clean Water Rule, almost certainly to end the protection of wetlands from pollution. Well ducks don't vote, do they?