March 4th, 2017


Winfrey 2020?

Oprah for prez? Well, now I'm thinking!

Why don’t we run beloved people? We have so many of them. The Republicans do this – they run Reagan and the Terminator and other people. Why don’t we run somebody that the American people love and are really drawn to, and that are smart and have good politics and all that?” -- Michael Moore

Really, why not? I mean, she has repeatedly brushed off such a possibility, but really? After 4 years of Trump, she might reconsider. Really, what could possible go wrong? I mean, wronger than it already is? EH?

If a Hollywood actor can make one of the most revered presidents (at least by his side), then why not the most prominent and successful person in the world of show-biz?

She surely wouldn't be the sociopathic megalomaniac that the US is now having, would she? She's smart, capable, dedicated to her work, she has empathy for people, and she's respected. She has also held political views on many subjects. She knows how to organise people, how to run people to a cause, and how to run a team.

Besides... everyone will get a car! :-)