February 28th, 2017


The real America

Here is an unexpected upside of the Trump presidency. Despite itself, it is bringing people together. I have always hoped that faced with hate and division, people would embrace unity. And they have:


This story is about the REAL America, not the Islamophobic "alternative" that Donald Trump and Steve Bannon keep shilling. When trouble strikes, good people rally. Trump and Bannon are the trouble; good people will resist them. And they will keep mounting an ever increasing amount of resistance, the further Trump and his minions push their sociopathic agenda.

It only takes one or two to make bad things happen - but when they do, look for the helpers. The ones running towards the tragedy to HELP. However, they do not tend to grab too many headlines, do they? Good is so common it isn't considered newsworthy - or at least, has not been so. It is up to ordinary people who must MAKE it so. And it is a never-ending effort.
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No shit, Sherlock?

Well, seems like the Don has started to come up to the realization that there's a sliiiight difference between the world where his campaign promises came from, and the real one we all live in:

Trump Concedes Health Law Overhaul Is ‘Unbelievably Complex’

A system like health-care that affects the lives of millions of people turns out to be a tad more complicated than your simplistic black-and-white worldview would allow, eh? Who knew?

Now that the governors of many states, both Democrat and Republican, have told him point-blank that his plan to repeal Obamacare is going to hurt their constituents (we've all seen how the people have reacted in town-hall meetings, booing their representatives who were still maintaining that "Obamacare is a disaster", and "it still has a provision about death panels hidden in there somewhere"), the Don might be compelled to bail on this altogether. At least for the time being. He may be hating the idea in his guts, but he'll have to comply with reality. Despite all his magical skills at bending reality to his will by the sheer power of his words (tweets?)

And that's a good thing. As full of inherent flaws as it might be, Obamacare is currently the best offer on the table - because the GOPians actually have nothing of value to replace it with. This program has allowed millions of people to gain access to affordable health care services, where they had none. And now that people have started to see that it's not the devil it was presented to be by some politicians with an agenda, rolling all of that back in any way would come at a tremendous political cost. One that no politician would dare pay.

Which is not to say that the Don isn't planning to ramp up military spending, though. At the expense of a number of other programs in the budget that are probably as crucial for people's well-being as Obamacare itself. But maybe if he's given a similar amount of push-back from reality in those areas, he'd be forced to reconsider there as well.

That's the way to tame the rogue beast: push back at every opportunity. Show him he's not in charge. The people are.