February 7th, 2017


Who's really the villain?

Trump’s First Military Operation Kills 8-Year-Old Girl, 6 Years After Obama Killed Her Brother

It’s really sad that the crazy American war machine is immune to scientific and rational reality-testing of its perverse ideas: Targeted killings of high-value targets DOES NOT WORK! Especially not against an ideology-based hydra with enourmous recruitment potential. Against such a foe, targeted killings work as a forced evolution of the leadership group towards smarter, more creative, more radical, more ruthless and more covert people and unless the recruitment to the group is blocked as well, the capacity and viciousness of the group increases.

In fact the biggest terrorists are the US congress and the corporations they work for. he American soldiers aren't defending America because America is not being attacked, rather they're pointlessly losing their lives for agenda-driven, narcissistic wealthy elites that will do anything to have power and control and continue this worldwide unrest.

The establishment creates false narratives and instills fear in societies such as America to justify what they do and continue to segregate groups in order to divide and conquer. The more you think that people in the Middle-East are the "Others" you should fear, the more power you are handing over to the figureheads of the corporatocracy that continue to act as a mouthpiece for the various corporate industrial complexes: military, financial, energy, food, pharmaceutical, prison, etc.

The more the US expands this idea of "terrorism", the more they will expand wars and armed attacks into more and more countries - for their agendas. Whoever believed the new administration was going to interrupt this vicious cycle, was an idiot.
Sri Yantra

Wow... just wow.


I'm finding it difficult to know where to begin...

After the Donald's unswerving support for Uncle Vlad and his crew, I wonder if just maybe he can introduce a similar "family values" orientated law into America? Nope, that's not the place to start.

Does the Russian Church's support for this bill indicate that it is in favour of physical correction when a wife misbehaves: for example, by not having the Man's food on the table when he gets home?  No not there either.

This seems better:

Are these the actions of a fucking misogynistic bunch of total arseholes, and is this what Russia has come to? And should we, in the West, be doing everything we possibly can to stop this sort of shit from happening anywhere near any of us?

Can we legislate ourselves back into barbarism? Yes we can.
Should we stand by idly while it happens? That's the killer question.