February 4th, 2017


Friday nonsense. Super-sale! Magic hat!

Here's a special offer for y'all! A magic Make America Great Again hat.

So here's the hat. But be aware that it's made in China and is not original. But that doesn't matter, because once you put it on, you'll be a star on the street. People will turn around to look at you, and they'll be jealous.

Bonus stats:
+2 partisanship
+3 carnivorousy(sic?)
-2 veganism
-10 homeopathy
+10 bigotry
+9 desire to build walls
+9 desire that someone else pays for said walls
-10 intelligence

Extra bonus: +10% ability of building tall fences and walls with Chinese materials (as is the hat itself).

In order to activate the bonus stats and the extra bonus, you'd need to worship Mammon, and be a certified douchebag.

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