February 3rd, 2017


The Waldo Moment

‘Black Mirror’ Creator Predicts Trump Will Be President: ‘I Find It F*cking Terrifying’

Charlie Brooker, the showrunner of the acclaimed dystopian sci-fi series, is convinced that Donald Trump will win the presidential election. God help us all.

...And he was right. Even if he didn't take his own prediction seriously at the time. I watched that Black Mirror episode the other day, The Waldo Moment. The similarities are eery. And that one did not end so well.

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The Shambling Mound's Second Week

The chaos continues, as The Shambling Mound completes its second week as elected mayor of the most important local council in the global village. After introducing new levels of madness in his first week, Lord Dampnut turned his attention to foreign affairs. After all, a suffrance shared is a suffrance doubled, and we all know how Lord Dampnut loves things big.

Certainly the highlight of the week was the executive order banning refugees and immigrants from certain Muslim majority countries, regardless of whether the individuals in question are already US residents, leading to chaos and protests at airports across the country. This ban excluded countries where Lord Dampnut has business dealings, because if there's anything more important than bigotry, it's business. When the Attorney-General pointed out that the ban itself was probably illegal, he had her sacked.

Illustrating the fine diplomatic skills that Lord Dampnut is famous for, he tore the Australian Prime Minister a new one, which was probably a bit embarrassing for both parties. Of course the fact that twelve hundred asylum seekers are, once again, being used as a political football is typical behaviour of those who have never had to need to seek asylum. At least Lord Damput can plead ignorance.

Still, Australia is an ally. Other countries may not be so lucky. Mexico received an surprise offer of military aid to deal with "bad hombres". Iran was officially put on notice, as Spicer falsely claims that the Iran attacked "our naval vessel". Not that you would need to have the National Security Council to advise on such matters. To conclude the week, the most famous event of the twentieth century - the Holocaust - has been rewritten by the White House, omitting reference to Jewish suffering.

Next week might be quieter. After two week's work Lord Dampnut is apparently sufficiently tired to justify a long weekend.