January 27th, 2017


Friday nonsense. Lego wall for all!

I say every American should go buy one of these, drive down to the border, and act like a true patriot by building a little mini wall so they can unite the nation in something Great Again. Mexico will pay for the Legos, of course.

Except, it wouldn't have that many colours, since that would be too much support for the LGBT community. =)

U.S. Environmental and Energy Policies

Originally posted by debunkgpolitics at U.S. Environmental and Energy Policies
Building oil pipelines will create American jobs and, maybe, energy independence. Environmentalists who argue for “greener” sources of energy must change their tactics to prove that preserving Mother Nature is still important. Thus far, environmentalists have not convinced enough people that environmental stewardship and increasing domestic energy production are not mutually exclusive or a pipedream, no pun intended.
Environmentalists must prove the Keystone pipeline is inefficient in that production costs greatly outweigh any benefit gleaned from Keystone. Environmentalists can also appeal to the religious sympathies of President Trump, which helped him get elected, especially, with the Catholic Church being more vocal about protecting our environment. If enough supporters express their concern about avoiding environmental disasters, then he may change his policies. Though disasters from oil exploration have been relatively few, one spill can hurt the economy. Fishermen may lose income from an oil spill in the ocean. If oil reaches the costs, tourism-dependent business can also lose income.
Another concern is exploration on tribal land. Native Americans could be “forgotten,” if President Trump initiates oil drilling on tribal land against their wishes. Someone in this community provided a story about the Native Americans in South Dakota who won their case. Time will tell whether how long their victory lasts.
Sri Yantra

France... And elections.

New drama in the French elections as Penelope-gate moves into full swing.


And if the centre-right are trumped now I wonder which candidate will step into the fray to rescue the slightly over three-quarters of French folk who think that politicians are corrupt?

Given that the Front National have their own problems with corruption, expenses, and suchlike, you would have thought that they wouldn't benefit that much. But I've put a tenner on Madame Le Pen doing rather better. There appears to be, after all, a distict pattern here: in the UK, US, and next in line France, and then Germany.

If there was a certain pattern to all of this one tends to ask cui bono?

So my question is this: who would the panel nominate for the nation or persons benefitting most from such a state of affairs? George Soros? The Illuminati? Uncle Vlad?

And as an aside for the betting fraternity amongst us, what are the odds that Angela Merkel has some as-yet-unidentified scandal blow-up in her face just before the elections?

As a postscript. Oh Julian, you are a bit of a dupe sometimes. Don't you know when you have been played like a Stradivarius by a master?