January 23rd, 2017

  • ddstory

Fear inequality, not terrorism

The annual meeting of the Illuminati/Bilderberger cabal in Davos has come up with a new motto: "Responsive and Responsive Leadership". Sounds nice and timely, what with the inauguration of President Douche who has vowed to shake up the existing world order, whatever that's supposed to mean.

So, the Davos smart-heads are unanimous that the main culprits for The Donald's shocking rise are the key crises of the recent years: polarized society, income inequality, and many countries shutting themselves in and getting introvert. This years Global Risk Report (something like a Davos manifesto setting the priorities for the next year) outlines five factors that will determine world events from now on. 1) Slow growth plus high debt and demographic shifts that will increase inequality and give ammo to the anti-globalist camp and those who feel marginalized by the current capitalist model. 2) Smeared-out national identities, systematically undermined by globalization, and the subsequent emotion-prone decision-making process. 3) The Fourth Industrial Revolution having changed modern societies, economies, and ways of doing business. 4) The transition to a multi-polar world order that threatens stable global cooperation. 5) The need for urgent action on climate change that's hanging like a sword over everybody's heads with an ever growing menace.

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