January 15th, 2017


On the art of Kompromat, and why it may not affect Trump

Interesting piece here about this new "Putin has sensitive compromising intel on Trump" debackle:

Everything you need to know about the Russian art of ‘kompromat’

Essentially, it explains what a "kompromat" is (compromising material), and how the Russians have developed it into art during the golden age of the KGB. Unlike their US counterparts, where politicians tend to use damaging information about opponents during election campaigns, aiming to discredit them and torpedo their campaigns, thus winning elections (i.e. the information tends to surface and make a splash in public space)

In Russia things are otherwise. Such information is actually seldom released. Rather, it is used to blackmail important politicians into doing your bidding: you force them to do you favours, and play by your tune for the entire duration of their term. It is an art in a twisted way, because it requires a lot of skill, persistence, and the knowledge to use the information in the appropriate moment in the best way possible.

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California Continues to Support Illegal Immigrants

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The Economist published an article about how California lawmakers intend to retain illegal immigrants, besides allowing “sanctuary cities.” (issue for 12/10-16/20016). According to the article, state lawmakers intend to fund the representation of illegal immigrants at deportation hearings. The upcoming measures will even ban immigration enforcement in public schools, courthouses, and hospitals. Meanwhile, too many legitimate California residents continue to suffer. Children are abused, neglected, and impoverished. Veterans, along with other adults, are homeless and in dire need of medical treatment. Plus, public roads are crumbling. Rather than put on ballots bonds to fund public services that put California in more debt, the money could be spent on supporting those who sacrificed their lives to preserve this great nation and, in turn, California, promoting future generations, and improving other public services. Despite budget cuts for lack of available funds, state lawmakers somehow found money to support violating immigration law. Unfortunately, the focus is on catering to people who have no business in California.

Trump v. Clinton (again)

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This is still relevant, considering the coverage of Trump varies by medium.
Many criticized President-elect Trump for engaging in conflicts of interest, along with being a racist and a xenophobe, among other shameful names. Indeed Mr. Trump made inappropriate comments. However, Mrs. Clinton received far less criticism for her inappropriate conduct. First, she made disparaging remarks about people who abide by their sincere religious beliefs, and her party associated with a group seeking to negatively infiltrate the Catholic Church. Second, her supposed charity The Clinton Foundation is a major conflict of interest. This charity paid for the wedding and high-end apartment of Chelsea Clinton. In fact, Mrs. Clinton never, during her presidential campaign, boasted of any benefit conferred by the Foundation in this country. If her Foundation significantly contributed to the well-being of Americans, then Mrs. Clinton would have made sure voters knew of those feats.
At least, Mr. Trump was open and honest about his views. Only through leaked videos did the public realize how Mrs. Clinton felt about certain people. Plus, she never denied the veracity of those videos. Had the videos portrayed Mrs. Clinton in a false light, she would have tenaciously defended herself. Voters need a frank candidate to make an informed vote.