January 8th, 2017


Feeling a bit cold, do you?

Thermodynamics at play. If you increase energy in a relatively stable system, it destabilizes, at least until another equilibrium state is reached. And the Earth climate system has been shown to be very sensitive to changes, so we are likely in for a wild ride:

Atlantic Ocean circulation could collapse with climate change influence, study says

"Current models assume Atlantic Ocean in stable condition, but new study suggests this might not be so".

This has been falling on deaf ears for years, and with Trump in office soon, it's even less likely that it'd be heeded.

But not to worry! I'm sure in about 250,000 years all will be back to normal. Then we can get on with that beautiful wall.

Someone please tell me how exactly are Republinuts working for the well-being of their own grandchildren, and how would anyone really convince them that the "rewards" their corporate donors give them are not as important as the mid- to long-term economic (and thus, social and political) implications of their inaction? Oh sorry, that was a rhetorical question.