January 5th, 2017

Sri Yantra

Now a lot of folk on here know...

...That I'm no fan of the Donald. Really no fan of the Donald.

But some things make me despair of some of the folk in opposition to Trump:


This is reprehensible. Kidnapping and what I can only call lynching a person for their political beliefs is what we expect of the Klan or the more extreme white supremacists.

What do folk from the Democrats side of things think of this? (BTW I don't get a vote in the US elections, and though I would regard myself as conservative, in US terms I'm an elitist socialist.)

And what do folk from the right think too? Is this polarisation of society over the last few decades a good thing?

I find myself wanting to imprison these folk exactly as much as I want to imprison people from the racist right who do these things to black folk and immigrants, i.e. lots.