November 21st, 2016


The most corrupt president in the making?

Trump's biz dealings with his Indian biz pals at a time he's supposed to be transitioning from businessman to president are already raising quite a few eyebrows, and pointing attention to the potential myriad of conflicts of interest he may be facing in the years to come. 4 to 8 long years in which his detractors may wear themselves out of whining, by the way (they've had quite a kick-start in the first weeks). And for a good reason. This is a unprecedented time in many respects, including the president-elect's blurring of the line between personal and public interest.

What's he going to be, commander-in-chief or real-estate mogul in chief? He's got to make up his mind, and quick.

On the other hand, the most surprising thing would be if anyone acted surprised that this is happening - they've elected a real-estate billionaire mogul for prez, remember? What do you expect from a billionaire mogul?

On the other hand, his former opponent's shady links and ties to persons and organizations with questionable reputations (including nations that she knew for sure have funded America's enemies), might have been the main torpedo that sank her ship. But I digress. Right back to Trump now.

All his nightmare appointments aside (climate deniers for environment, WTF?), this is a guy who has put all his three adult children on his transition team. They're also going to be running his businesses. And this, just for starters. He's got 4 years and 1 month left (at least) to keep it up in the same style, and thus remain in history as the most corrupt president ever. Or not. We shall see. But the first signs are not very promising.