November 13th, 2016


Wow, this is going a bit too far

"Last night’s demonstrations across the country have brought some serious activist conversations about Brexit-style separation of the western states." -- DailyKos

Over-raction, a little bit? Or a long-running sentiment on part of the West Coast? Have they felt so disenfranchised by the policies of the rest of the country that they'd want out? I mean, there's the sentiment that the West Coast has had money, business and agriculture siphoned away from them in order to fund the dysfunctional policies of the rest of the country, and moreover, places like Oregon, California and Washington state have a remarkable difference in terms of values from the other states. How true is that, from an insider's perspective (I hope our Californian friends could share some insights here).

It's hardly a surprise that after this election we've seen such support for succession growing. Some people have been advocating for this for years, and now they're joined by others who've never thought of supporting the idea. Is it emotion or a calculated push, now precipitated by Trump's victory? And how possible is it at all? I mean, wouldn't Trump just send the military to squash this pesky rebellion, if it ever existed anywhere beyond the heads of some people? The US wouldn't want to lose access to the Pacific, would it?

On a side note, if these states were to (hypothetically) leave, possibly joined by British Columbia, wouldn't that be yet another serious blow for the Democrats? I mean, those are a lot of liberal votes...