November 10th, 2016

  • luvdovz

The newest world order

Trump and Putin (plus some help from the right-wing clowns now rearing their heads across Europe) might really be the gravediggers of neoliberalism, the EU, Merkel, the "refugees" et al.

Although they'll have to come to terms between themselves on Syria somehow. Whatever the case, Russia's spiraling down will continue no matter what. Also, China's actions will be crucial. In a few years they'll be number one in the world and they'll be unstoppable - not just because of their military power and sheer numbers, but also the economy that's based on real production rather than the money-printing industry.

The US will have to work towards some kind of alliance - whether it'll be with Russia remains to be seen. Otherwise they don't stand a chance. The monopolar model may've been irretrievably lost already at this point.

In general, a weakened EU will be a breath of fresh air for the US (because short-term profit could be done at the expense of others), but only for a while. There'll be bigger players ready to take a chunk of their pie in the years to come, and Trump will be treading on thin ice in that respect. Not sure the guys he'll be surrounding himself with, are aware of that, or even capable of grasping it, let alone responding to these new realities adequately. But we shall see. You never know with that guy. He could surprise us yet again.