November 9th, 2016

Sri Yantra

Now the Donald has won...

What next?

After calling Hills the most corrupt candidate ever to seek office I guess there must now be a show-trial. Also, I'd assume all those harrassment cases now have to be dropped, never mind the business ones.

Another guess is that K Street's golden four years lie ahead of them as lobbying becomes the only way of getting things done. Will the Donald's family somehow magically acquire oil-extraction rights on federal land?

What do folk think happens next in our all-new reality POTUS show?

Someone must have an Idea. Satirical responses most welcome.
Ауди А6 за шес' хиляди марки. Проблемче?
  • htpcl

I suppose congratulations are in order?

Hey, h'America! It's been a great/disastrous/??? day for democracy, hasn't it? See, we've had our own Mityo "Pishtova" (The Gun) for presidential candidate around here too, and though he couldn't win the election despite promising free meatballs and lemonade for everyone who dared vote for him, seems like the h'American* version of Mityo has earned a brilliant and shocking victory.

Well done, h'America! You've completely jumped the shark now, and proven to be the most [insert expletive containing intelligence-related overtones]** nation on this fucking planet. One thing is for sure: there'll be a lot of LOLs from here on. But even more cringes.

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