November 2nd, 2016

  • paft

On the Edge of?

From Raw Story: As the most divisive presidential election in recent memory nears its conclusion, some armed militia groups are preparing for the possibility of a stolen election on Nov. 8 and civil unrest in the days following a victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Three years ago, in the course of a discussion about RW attempts to rehabilitiate Chilean dictator Pinochet, I wrote the following about the potential for increased RW violence in this country:

Over the long term, demographics are working against them. Given the amount of money and power involved, I can easily imagine, some years down the line, voter suppression and gerrymandering not working any more and powerful interests resorting to raw physical force...

We have, for instance, an increasingly militarized police force blurring the lines between military and police action... I'm not positing a coup exactly like what happened in Chile. For one thing, we don't have the equivalent of a larger, more powerful and wealthy country deliberately destabilizing us to soften us up for a military coup.

Sooooo, here we are. We have a candidate from a major political party who has been more than flirting with violence. We have an already heavily armed, increasingly radicalized section of the population indicating that if the election does not go the way they want, they will simply not recognize its outcome and quite possibly attempt to overturn it by force. We also have indications of another country attempting to affect the outcome of our election.

Looks to me like my earlier predictions were not, as some claimed, "hysterical" or "hyperbolic," but possibly a bit too conservative.

A coup in the wake of Hillary Clinton winning the election? Probably not, but I'm just not as positive about that as I used to be. As I said, there's a lot of money at stake, and the Republicans have for years been chipping away at the idea that liberalism (or what they perceive as liberalism) has any place at all in our political process. I am convinced there are powerful RW interests who, if they had to choose between a liberal administration and chucking the whole system, would be willing to chuck the whole system. What was the constant Repubican obstructionism over the past eight years but a denial of the right of a liberal president to govern at all?

Let's be clear about this. The concerns about voter "fraud" are bogus, and the people citing it know it's bogus. They may not yet be willing to admit it, but these people define voting Democratic as "voter fraud."

At the least, I think we are going to face an uptick in right wing terrorism worse than what we saw in the 1990s. As someone who lives in San Francisco, I suspect I would not be as vulnerable to that kind of violence as others. But I have family members living in the deep south and that does worry me.