December 29th, 2015


The new disaster few are talking about

New infrared video reveals growing environmental disaster in L.A. gas leak

"Scientists and environmental experts say the Aliso Canyon leak instantly became the biggest single source of methane emissions in all of California when it began two months ago. The impact of greenhouse gases released since then, measured over a 20-year time frame, is the equivalent of emissions from six coal-fired power plants or 7 million automobiles, environmentalists say."

An unprecedented outpouring of methane in Los Angeles has been spewing out noxious fumes for two months already. The leak is erupting from the SoCal Gas energy facility at Aliso Canyon. Residents report that they've fallen ill from fumes released by the methane gas. New footage has been shown of a geyser of methane gas coming out from the surface, and aerial images were shown recently for the first time, revealing the damage at the well site:

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