December 8th, 2015


I'm not seeing any outrage, are you?

There were some posts here recently full with links bemoaning Russia's involvement in the Syrian crisis, etc. I've yet to see the same outrage from the same people about this, though:

Turkey halts troop deployment to Iraq but will not withdraw

First, let's clear something out. It wasn't a "request". It was a demand. Iraq has demanded they leave. The Turkish response has been nothing short of ridiculous.

That being said, Turkey knows full well that pretty soon the border with Syria will be controlled by the Syrian government with the help of the Russians - which means Turkey's influence will be marginalized in Syria and their Daesh pals will be eventually defeated. So Turkey (backed by the West, or at least with the West's tacit approval) wants to help Daesh via Iraq with all the illegal activities, supporting terrorism and trotting across a sovereign country without any authorization. The Iraqi air forces are on high alert already, by the way. Shit hasn't been this close to hitting the fan in quite a while.

In the meantime, the Western governments (including NATO) remain silent on this issue. Not only that, but EU is now giving hints that it could bring Turkey back to the table for EU membership negotiations (in exchange for Erdogan's promise to keep most refugees away from Europe, similar to Gaddafi). Big mistake - especially given the sort of society he's been turning his country into. They've got to realize that nothing good will come out of Turkey, especially now. This is the same country that refused to let the US use their territory for the Iraq war. They're a major sponsor of Daesh. They have a horrible human rights record - including killing 1.5 million Armenians in the past, and jailing journalists, stomping upon freedom of speech, and essentially turning themselves into another Iran in the present. Hell, even Iraq's official authorities are now openly calling Turkey out on the fact that the bulk of the Daesh oil and arms contraband is happening through Turkey.

So, now that we've established that Putin is the Devil, where's the outrage about Erdogan?
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Please, PLEASE elect this guy for prez!

This just in: White House says Donald Trump's call for ban on all Muslims entering US disqualifes him from top job

No no no, and no. I think that's exactly the thing that qualifies him for the top job. Hell, if he somehow, by some miracle, fails to snatch the election (shit happens, you know... the Lamestream Establishment(TM) having their last say and uniting against The Maverick(TM); a smear campaign unraveling against the guy who can't be bothered by bad publicity; voter machine fraud of unprecedented proportions; Jeb Bush being, well, Jeb Bush... or the majority of the American voters *gasp* suddenly coming to their senses), he could still apply for the second-best job in the Free And Noble World: President of the European Commission! After all...

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