December 2nd, 2015


The ante is being upped down there...

First, Im'ma just throw a few pieces in here, and hope these stick. ;)

‘They know how it’s done’: Turkey violated Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone
"Turkish claims that the downed Russian Su-24 jet “violated” its airspace have sparked outrage among Greeks, who took to social media to say it is a clear-cut case of double standards as Turkish jets breached Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone. They wondered what would happen if Greece had authorized engagement of Turkish aircraft, which breach the country’s borders on a regular basis."

Greek PM goads Turkish PM on Twitter over downing of Russian jet
"The official English-speaking account of Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras posted four tweets addressed to his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu on Sunday, goading him about Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet and Turkey’s violations of Greek airspace. “To Prime Minister Davutoglu: Fortunately our pilots are not mercurial as yours against the Russians #EuTurkey” Tsipras tweeted."
(He subsequently deleted his tweets, after Davutoglu had tweeted back that he'd rather stick to "constructive" exchanges).

Turkey stopped violating Greek airspace after Russian Su-24 downing - Athens source
"Turkish warplanes abruptly ceased violating Greek airspace after downing a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 bomber on November 24. Previously, air intrusions made by Turkish fighter jets took place on a daily basis and amounted to thousands a year."

6 Turkish fighter jets violate Greek airspace
"Six Turkish F-16s flew over four Greek islands on Tuesday, violating the country’s airspace, the country’s Hellenic National Defence General Staff said in a press release."

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