November 26th, 2015

Ауди А6 за шес' хиляди марки. Проблемче?
  • htpcl

Proof that we're ruled by a genius Illuminati. Or something.

Hey, ma'fellow procrastinators concerned citizens! Don't know about'cha, but we here at the south-eastern tip of these God-forgotten backward Balkans have been noticing something lately. The whole world is burning: terriztz are killing folks like sheep at will, the Euros are countering them with kitten macros on Facebook, planes are dropping down like apples... And here? Not a single fuck has been given.

See, all our neighbors are staggering under the pressure: refugees flocking in, fences being raised, barbed wire everywhere, with electricity, dogs and sentries 24/7; sad-looking refugees hugging babies are being tripped over, turbans and beards flying in the air. And here? Total silence. Not a single leaf is being moved.

Terr.... er, I mean, refugees are scrambling to reach the promised land of Germany, Holland and Sweden (well, turns out Sweden is a bit too cold to their taste anyway)... And what about our land? They don't want to hear about it!

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