November 24th, 2015


Shit was bound to hit the fan at some point

Developing story ahead.

Vladimir Putin Hits Out at 'Accomplices of Terrorism' After Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet

Putin calls plane's downing by Turkey 'stab in the back'

(Video of the downed Russian jet is included in the 2nd link).

Given the fact that the airspace over Syria has become rather crowded lately, this was bound to happen. There are accusations from both sides, Russia asking some questions about what was the need for all this, why Turkey called NATO after the incident instead of trying to contact Russia (as if Russia had hit a Turkish plane and not viceversa), and accusing Turkey of benefiting financially from smuggler trade with the Islamic State, and trying to break up the anti-ISIS coalition.

In turn, Turkey has accused Russia of repeatedly violating their airspace, and has even warned them on more than one occasion that they'd start shooting planes down. Russia claims the jet was downed well within Syrian territory, it hadn't violated Turkish airspace, and was no threat to Turkey. In turn, Turkey claims they had warned the jet pilot several times to leave their airspace immediately.

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Sri Yantra

Ye Gods

So, Turkey, a NATO member, downs a Russian plane that strayed into its territory on a mission to bomb Syrian rebels.

Putin is "mad as hell". How is this one going to turn out?

My own take is that Russia and Turkey are going to have to find a way through this without involving the rest of NATO. But given the nature of the treaty, is that actually possible? How is France's relationship with Turkey going to change, given its recent accord with Russia? (Not that France and Turkey have been traditional allies, of course.)

Will this mean that France continues in its veto against Turkey joining the European Union?

Oh well...more deaths to follow, no doubt. Some will be blue on blue, others blue on red, yet others blue on yellow. Such is violent endeavour.

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We don't want no refugees here!

While fences, walls and barbed wire are being raised all across Europe in response to the refugee crisis, the US is also undergoing an internal division of their own on the issue.

First, president Obama announced that the US would provide asylum for 10 thousand Syrian refugees. But then the House voted on a bill that is meant to tighten the measures for accepting refugees even beyond their current ridiculous level. The law will now require of the FBI chief, the chiefs of national security and secretary of domestic intelligence to approve every single Syrian refugee before they've come anywhere near a US-bound plane. In result, this would immensely complicate and prolong their entry process into the US, possibly beyond 2 or 3 years.

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