October 28th, 2015

  • luvdovz

Between two worlds

As requested so passionately in the neighboring couple of posts, I was going to be a good European and bash Russia a little bit here (can't keep our valiant American denizens unsatisfied for too long, can we? They've got guns!), but on second thoughts, maybe we'll leave that for a bit later. Instead, let's focus on Russia's obedient puppy for a while: Belarus. Cuz it's so much easier to bash a puppy rather than a wolf... bear... yeah, whatever. You got my point. Don't shoot me, I'm just a hypocritical cowardly Euro, that's all.

Anyway. A lot has been happening in Belarus lately, and all curious things.

There's been a jestful "theory" that there's direct correlation between the number of Nobel prize winners from a country and that country's weight on the geopolitical scene. And lo and behold, for less than a month's time, this theory may've gotten a major boost - because a couple of weeks ago, Belarus got its first Nobel prize in history - that in Literature. It was won by Svetlana Alexievich, a journalist. Shortly thereafter, Alexander Lukashenko (lovingly called "The Daddy" by the populace) won a 5th presidential term. Then the EU foreign ministers agreed to temporarily lift the sanctions off of Belarus (for 4 months).

Obviously this is Realpolitik at its best, as displayed by the evil hypocrite double-faced Euros, those stupid, short-sighted, inadequate bureaucrats (see? I said it!) The reason that the EU, where Lukashenko has been known as "Europe's last dictator", has suddenly changed the tune about him, stems from the presidential election earlier this month. First off, let's set something clear. The outcome of this election was well-known before it even happened, and there was no way the West could be happy with it. On the other hand, from a Realpolitik's POV, it would've been idiotic to expect that the Euros would just let the noticeably "positive dynamics" in Minsk slip off without snatching the opportunity to put some extra pressure on the process. So they've chosen to take an unprincipled, and yet pragmatic stance on the matter: and thus, the West is now aiming to bring some normalcy to their relations with The Daddy. In fact, this has been the case since 2012. But now it's getting more pronounced.

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