October 12th, 2015

Groovy Kol

A major upside of gender equality

How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth

This new MGI research attests to what many smart employers have known for a while: gender equality in the labour force has a huge value. The paper analyses the current and the potential GDP of 95 countries, and concludes that in the ideal case, if women and men contribute equally for production (equal work hours, equal pay, equal participation in the various industries), that would add a total of 28 trillion dollar (or 26%) to the global GDP by 2025. This is roughly equal to the US and Chinese economies combined. Which is quite a big deal really.

In the more realistic scenario, where every country would be able to catch up with their neighbour who's dealing best in terms of gender equality in the economy, the global GDP would increase by 12 trillion dollars for the next decade, or 11%. That's the British, German and Japanese economies combined.

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