September 30th, 2015

Слушам и не вярвам на очите си!
  • htpcl

A giant on clay feet

Greetings, comrades! Let's all collectively bow to the portrait of Dear Leader and raise bottoms up with vodka to the greatness of Mother Russia! See... since recently I've been hearing the talking points of some Russophiles both at home and abroad taking precedence over common sense, I've bothered to do some work in summing up some facts, which I hope would help put those Putinite talking points into perspective. Because the Russian propaganda ain't sleeping for a minute, definitely not around these latitudes. Just a disclaimer: the lines below are not directed at the Russian people as a people. Indeed, they're quite lovely people when taken individually. What I can't approve of is the way that nation has allowed itself to be ruled for centuries, and the results that've come out of it. So do bear with my diatribe.

1. By various estimates, Russia ranks 8th or 9th in terms of GDP. However, the Russian economy is about 7 times smaller than those of the US and EU, 3.5 times smaller than the Chinese, 1.3 times smaller than the Japanese, and 0.73 times smaller than the German economy. But what's more interesting, a country with 148 million people like Russia is producing GDP which is twice smaller than that of a country like Italy, and just barely bigger than Canada's, which is many times smaller in population. If anyone claims this is a sign of an efficient economy, I'd recommend they re-read their economics study-books. Source: here.

^ See? Doesn't look that big now, does it? (No, Russia ain't the huge green blob. Russia is the squashed blue stain that's squeezed between the real players.

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