September 15th, 2015


Caution! Russians at the seaside!

If you thought the Middle Eastern refugee hordes are the modern re-embodiment of the Great Migration period of the early Medieval epoch (as the more xenophobic ones among us tend to present it - and I assure you, those abound around these latitudes), then I suggest you think again. Because there's another type of barbarian, a more subtle, and definitely wealthier one.

I'm speaking of the Russian tourist, of course. First of all, contrary to all expectations and most suggestions from the statisticians (we use a wordplay to denote those, basically meaning "making-shit-up-ists"), I personally haven't witnessed a significant decline in the numbers of Russian tourists at our Black Sea resorts. Just on the contrary: they seem to have tripled for the last year. It could be that many are fleeing the wonderful utopia that they've been living under their beloved Dear Leader, I dunno. Or they could be just fed up with the horrible climate in their country. Or it's just that they prefer the more laid-back atmosphere, gorgeous food and the cheap booze over here. Or ultimately, their number might have remained the same actually, only their insolence and obnoxiousness has tripled, which creates that weird impression that they're everywhere now.

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